Nakishi Stick Gen 2 Set


Gen 2:  Nak-Ishi Stick (New Age Knapping-Ishi Stick) has one slight change over the Gen 1. One end of the Ishi Stick has been designed for Indirect Percussion.

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Gen 2:  Nakishi Stick (New Age Knapping-Ishi Stick) has one slight change over the Gen 1. One end of the Ishi Stick has been designed for Indirect Percussion. A 7/32 hole has been drilled through the Ishi stick to allow you access to extract the 4 gauge copper wire from either side. A 7” length of hard copper wire is provided with this kit. The Gen 2 Kit provides up to 9 working tip. The 171/2″ Delrin Nak-Ishi stick extends over 20″ and is designed with 1, 1/2″ x 5 1/4” aluminum modules that extend out to 3″ from the handle. This allows you to work on smaller projects without the 1″ Delrin handle obstructing your work or view. Included is a 1”x6 ½” Delrin short handle that shares the two modules in this kit. The first module has a 9/64″ bore for 8 gauge copper wire or 16d smooth box nails. The second module is bored half way for 8 gauge and half at 11/64″ for 6 gauge copper wire. Each module has double set screws at each end for extra working pressure. Both Delrin tools are double tapped at each working end. Tips included with this kit are 8 & 6 gauge standard copper wire, 6 gauge hard copper wire (until I am no longer able to find it), 16d smooth box nail and a horseshoe nail for notching. I clip the heads off of horseshoe nails and with a little file work I can use the 8 gauge side of either module for notching without having to buy another specialized tool for this purpose. This kit comes with 2 Hex Key and 1 extra stainless set screw for each size used. (one 8×32 x 1/8” one 8×32 x 3/16” and one 1/4”-20 x 1/4”)




For notching, I use 16 smooth box nails. After clipping the head off, I file each end flat to the width and length of the notch entries I need. I taper each end (>) to give me two edges to notch with. Keep all sides filed flat to give you edges to scrape with. Prepare the ends on a few nails and have them ready for those times you don’t want to stop notching to refile an end.

I also use the 16 smooth box nails to finish the edges of a project. I taper each end like an Ice Pick and use it to alternate tiny flakes along the edges and for picking at those problem spots. An example nail with one tapered end has been included.

I like tapering one end of the 6 gauge hard copper down to 8 gauge size or smaller. The hardness and the width of this tapered copper almost make it unbendable when needing to flake with a smaller size gauge. I round off the opposite end for working larger flakes when needed.

Each module can be redrilled to a larger diameter according to your needs. The only thing that limits the size is the availability of the set screws needed. Keep in mind that each set screw must tighten flush with the outside of the aluminum module to allow it to slide into the Delrin tool handles. This is why I have stopped at 11/64” for the 6 gauge tips, using two 8/32 x 1/8” set screws.



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