8 working tips in one Ishi Stick!

This tool has extendable modules that allow you to get closer to your work without a bulky tool handle obstructing your vision and access to the intricate work on smaller points.

Gen One Ishi Stick

The 17 1/2″ Delrin Nakishi stick extends over 20″ and is designed with 2, 1/2″ x 5 1/4” aluminum modules that extend out to 3″ from the handle. Included is a 1”x6 ½” Delrin short handle that shares the two modules in this kit.

Gen Two Ishi Stick

Gen 2: Nakishi Stick (New Age Knapping-Ishi Stick) has one slight change over the Gen 1. One end of the Ishi Stick has been designed for Indirect Percussion.

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